The Wedding Singer UK Tour Review

4 stars

This afternoon I went to Sheffield Lyceum to see the current UK tour of The Wedding Singer. This show was quite funny, cast perfectly and was filled with brilliantly fun songs!

The show’s set, as designed by Francis O’Connor (Loserville, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland), was simple but effective and was filled with plenty of laughs thanks to a great book by Chad Beguelin (Aladdin, Elf) and Tim Herlihy (The Wedding Singer film). The script was great and things kept moving at a fair pace even though the plot was very predictable and not especially original.

Nick Winston (Grease, Legally Blonde, Calamity Jane) did a wonderful job directing this show and he gave the show some amazing choreography. Ben Cracknell (La Cage aux Folles, Breakfast at Tiffany’s) designed some great lighting for this show and credit goes to Jim Arnold CDG (Wind in the Willows, Funny Girl) for assembling one of the most talented casts touring the UK at the moment.

The show is filled with very strong ensemble performers who all get their moment to shine. Particular standouts are Tara Verloop (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as Linda and Susie Fenwick (The Sound of Music, The Woman in White) as Angie, who both show off some brilliant vocals, and Mark Pearce (Ghost, Blues Brothers) was very funny as David Fonda as well as other characters.

Ashley Emerson (Mamma Mia, Jesus Christ Superstar) made a great Sammy and Samuel Holmes (Spamalot, Mrs Henderson Presents) delivered some beautiful vocals as George. Both were very funny and worked wonderfully together. Ruth Madoc (Annie, Hi-De-Hi) played Grandma Rosie very well and her musical numbers were very entertaining.

Ray Quinn (Grease, Legally Blonde, The X Factor) was brilliantly cruel as Glen Gulia and he demonstrated impeccable diction in his very wordy song All About the Green. Cassie Compton (27, The Last Five Years, Les Miserables, The X Factor) was brilliant as Julia Sullivan, showing off some stunning vocals throughout the show.

Lucie Jones (Ghost, We Will Rock You, The X Factor, Eurovision) impressed in her relatively small role of Holly. Her vocals were sensational, particularly in Saturday Night in the City at the end of the first half.

The star of the show was definitely Jon Robyns (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Sister Act, Les Miserables) who played Robbie Hart. The audience was instantly on his side, his incredible vocals were mindblowing and you really felt for him when he was going through tough times.

This show is great fun thanks to it’s sensational cast and amazing music. If you want a fun night or afternoon out, definitely catch this show on tour.

The Wedding Singer closes at Sheffield Lyceum on 22nd July, before touring to Llandudno, Bromley, Plymouth, Southend-on-Sea, Leeds, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Portsmouth and Wolverhampton, where it finishes it’s UK tour on 7th October 2017.

Lucie Jones will only appear as Holly in Llandudno after the Sheffield run. Stephanie Clift (Audrey from 2016’s UK tour of Little Shop of Horrors) will return to the role in Bromley on 1st August 2017.


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